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My name is Tatsuki Kanaya, the Representative Director of Time Inc. Please let me introduce myself in this article.

Overseas Experiences

I lived in the London from 0 to 3 years old because of the work of my father.

Taken in London
Union Flag and Japanese Flag

The Japanese economy at that time seems to have been in the golden age. It was a time when Japanese companies were buying real estates in prime locations overseas. As an aside, London's prime locations have been owned and rented by aristocrats for hundreds of years. I have been fascinated by the traditional streets and culture in UK.

Big Ben
Trafalgar Square
Taken in a garden
In a garden with friends ①
In a garden with friends ②
There was a swing in the garden
We used to have lunch and dinner in the garden
The world is full of wonders
University of Cambridge

I liked learning English, so I went to high school and university abroad.

While attending Avondale College
Taken at UCLA school building
Seaside Sunset

It was difficult to live abroad alone, but I feel blessed with people wherever I go.
Someone always helped me even if I was in trouble, and I tried to help others when they were in trouble.

Los Angeles, where UCLA is located, has many media personnel, and during the Great East Japan Earthquake, I cooperated with the interview as a Japanese student.

Cooperated with media coverage
Commemorative photo with the announcer
UCLA Graduation Photo
UCLA Royce Hall
UCLA Powell Library
UCLA Wilson Plaza

I was engaged in marketing for MINI at BMW while attending UCLA, and marketing for Kirigamine at Mitsubishi Electric as a new graduate. Every business is made up of customers, so I think it was a good experience to learn it in the field.

Rent income transferred by tenants is the lifeline of real estate investment, so we believe that the key to success is how satisfied the tenants are. Those who receive a loan from a financial institution will repay from the rent income, and the remodeling costs will also be paid from the rent income. Therefore, if you have the consciousness and attitude of "the resident is the customer", I think you will not make a big mistake.

Purchased Two Investment Properties

In 2020, I bought two investment properties in cash.

1. 25,000,000 yen for a condominium in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. (Currently used as our office)

A condominium in Meguro-ku, Tokyo

2. 15,000,000 yen for One-building apartment in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. (Gross Yield 11.5%)

One-building apartment in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture

There are three advantages to buying real estates with cash:

① The speed of settlement is fast and rent income comes in immediately.
② Increase the possibility of buying cheaply
③ You don't have to pay interest to the bank

Both of the above real estates were mortgaged and were in a hurry to sell. I was able to buy them cheaply by preparing cash immediately. Loans from financial institutions are time consuming and more likely to be taken by other buyers. If you buy cash, you don't have to pay interest rates or administrative fees to your financial institution, which saves you time and money. Some real estate companies recommend a loan, but we recommend buying in cash as much as possible. The reason is that a mortgage can be placed on your real estate that you bought in cash and get a loan later. In other words, the amount of net assets on your balance sheet is important for real estate investment.

Real estate is very convenient to have.

You can use it yourself or rent it to earn rent income. I use the condominium I purchased as our office, and I also personally use one room in the apartment. Even when you start a new company, if you have real estates, you will not have to worry about where to register. If you do not have real estates, you will have to rent a property that can be used by the office, which will take time and money. It is possible that the borrower will be forced to move out due to the circumstances of the lender. In that case, it will take time and money to register the company transfer again. There is often a controversy over whether it is better to rent or buy a house, but I think it is more profitable to own real estates if the location and price are right. In other words, it depends on the property.

Also, if you have real estates, you can get a certain amount of social credibility.

The landowner at the station closest to my parents' house is wandering around on a bicycle, dressed like a hermit. He is not treated as unemployed because he owns real estates and runs a real estate leasing business. Financial institutions also actively lend to those who own real estates. This is because mortgages on real estates reduce the risk of bad debt.

Established Time Inc.

Time Inc. was established in February 2021 and received a license from the Governor of Tokyo in March as a real estate broker. Our services are real estate leasing business, real estate brokerage business, real estate management business, real estate consulting business, real estate development business, etc.

Taken at our office

Real estate investment can bring great benefits, but of course there are risks.

For example, there are disaster risk, liquidity risk, and interest rate risk, etc.
However, these risks can be addressed and mitigated in advance. Those who make a fortune by investing in real estate manage their risks well and make a profit.

I would like more people to live a richer life by investing in real estate.

Profitable real estate owners have time and money to live a wealthy life economically, culturally and mentally. 

Life is finite. You can increase your money and real estate, but you cannot increase your limited time. We hope that when our customers look back later, they will think, "I'm glad I bought that real estate at that time."

And it is my greatest pleasure to be able to help our customers invest in real estates in Japan.

Time Inc.
Representative Director Tatsuki Kanaya

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