Comprehensive Real Estate Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive real estate consulting services
that create high added value and enhance the value of your assets and profitability.
Our management policy is to practice well-developed and
innovative ideas in order to build long-term win-win relationships with our clients.
We will increase the value of real estate by seriously thinking about
what kind of value we should provide to the world and contributing to the prosperity of society.
We hope that we can help our customers build their assets by quickly resolving the issues they face,
saving their irreplaceable “time.”


We are entrusted with the management of investment properties to enhance the asset and profitability.


We carry out a wide range of activities such as rigorous investigation of investment properties that our clients are considering acquiring, negotiation of conditions with sellers / buyers, financing / loan consultation, etc. Even after the acquisition of real estate, we will manage the real estate on behalf of our clients to enhance the asset and profitability.


We will increase the added value of real estate by remodeling rooms and performing large-scale renovations, and increase the occupancy rate, total rent, and sale price.


We will help you sell your real estate. We will also propose remodeling and renovation so that we can sell at a higher price. If it is in your interest to rent it without selling it, we also offer a relocation service.


We will ask you about the purpose of purchasing real estate, the purpose of use, the type of real estate, location, budget, floor plan, etc., and comprehensively introduce real estate that meets your requirements. Even for residential luxury real estate, we propose properties that are likely to sell at a higher price and can be rented in the event of an emergency.


For corporations, corporate officers, and sole proprietors, it may be advantageous for tax purposes to rent real estate rather than to buy it. Please contact us for corporate contracts for company housing. We also accept business real estate brokerage for offices and stores.


Prompt Response

We believe that “time” is the greatest asset that a person has. We promise a prompt response to protect your precious time.


Our corporate motto is to build a long-term win-win relationship by contributing to the financial prosperity of our clients. To that end, it is important to provide accurate information necessary for your financial decision making. We always promise to be sincere with our customers.


In order to contribute to the economic prosperity of our clients, we also believe that we need to also prosper by providing high added value to the society. We promise to prosper by always responding to the needs of society and our clients.

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