Recruitment of staff to create trust and high added value

Time Inc. is a comprehensive real estate consulting company that provides high added value to society and customers.
We receive fees by promptly resolving customer issues and concerns.
Real estate owners’ worries are endless.
We are looking for real estate staff who will work with us to solve the problems of our customers.

Employee Benefits

Company Dormitory

There is an employee dormitory in Matsudo City.
We are also promoting telework, so please work comfortably in the employee dormitory.
The nearest station is Mabashi Station, so you can get to the city center immediately on the Joban Line. (27 minutes to Ueno station)

Qualification Acquisition Support System

We support the cost of acquiring qualifications such as Real Estate Notary.
The company also bears the cost of business books.

Meal assistance

Meal assistance for lunch and dinner is available.
The company will cover the delivery service for lunch boxes and meals at restaurants.

Transportation Expenses Covered

The company will cover the transportation costs of the staff.

Recruitment Information

Currently, we are looking for the following occupations.
Click on the job you want to find out more.

Recruitment Information

General Staff

The brains of our company that create high added value

We are looking for a general staff to carry out the business of our company in many fields.

Ideal Candidate Profile
1. A person who can respond promptly

Speed is the key to real estate transactions.
We consider “time” is the most important asset, and we are looking for someone who can respond promptly to customer requests.

2. Sincere person

Real estate transactions cannot be achieved without the cooperation of various people.
For example, in the case of rental brokerage, you must communicate with (1) management company, (2) lessee, (3) lessor, (4) guarantee company, (5) insurance company, etc. We are looking for a sincere person who is trusted by the people involved.

3. People who grow independently

We are looking for people who can learn independently from their daily work and grow into professionals. In addition, we hope that you will learn independently by acquiring qualifications and reading.

Job Description It covers a wide range of fields such as business planning / advertising planning / marketing / real estate management / real estate brokerage / recruitment.
Eligibility Those who have the following qualifications
(1) Real Estate Notary
(2) 1st grade Driver’s License
Educational background is not required.
Working Hours 9:00-18:00
Salary Monthly salary 180,000 yen ~
Salary commensurates with experience and ability
Employee Benefits Company Dormitory
Transportation Expenses Covered
Qualification Acquisition Support System
Meal assistance
Holiday New Year Holidays
Golden Week Holidays
Summer Holidays

Application Form

Please use the form below to apply.
The person in charge will contact you at a later date.

Job Type




Phone Number


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Work Experience




Reasons for




File Attachment



Please attach your resume / CV here and send it.
* The total size of each attached file should be up to 2MB.

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